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Device 2 Phone

Device to Phone service enables Voice over IP (VoIP) users to place calls from landline phones directly via special devices (ATAs) without the need of a PC.
These Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) transfer landline phones into IP phones through plugging them into the internet, permitting VoIP calling, where these ATAs are configured to the COMdata servers.
Almost any VoIP device supporting the SIP protocol can be used, and configurations for the most common devices can be done automatically via remote provisioning.

Who can benefit from this service?

  • Resellers: This product is ideal for providers looking to offer services to cyber cafes, callshops and corporate clients. Where they can generate Device to Phone/ IP Phone accounts and distribute them easily

  • End Users: Family members, Professional workers and Students.


Configuration of these devices can be done manually or, for selected devices, automatically.
Simple and easy to follow manuals are available for the most common devices.
For devices such as the Linksys PAP2 (the most widely used end customer VoIP device), automated remote configuration is available, and the device can be configured with the click of a button via a simple provisioning interface.


This product allows calling via any internet connection above a speed of 56kbs with minimal packet loss.
Minimum recommended connection is a stable 128kbps ADSL for a device with two ports.
Solutions are for calling behind VoIP blocked ISPs are available for providers offering services to customers in such regions.

Recommended Devices

Some of the recommended devices are as follows:

What is unique about COMdata Device to Phone Service?

  • We support SIP IP Phones and Device to Phones (ATAs).

  • Service works behind NATs, firewalls and blocked ISPs.

  • Easy to setup & configure.

  • 24/7 Technical Support.