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Voice Wholesale

The overwhelming shift from circuit-based business phone networks to VoIP technology prompted COMdata to develop its global network through an exchange of Wholesale VoIP termination forming a long-lasting Partnership relation with other businesses around the world.

Our Key business focus is to provide a state-of-art switching platform delivering a low-latency, premium voice termination quality, and a 24/7 dedicated technical support for our voice termination partners and resellers.

We offer IP2IP / Wholesale VoIP Termination solutions for businesses that sell high-volume, high-speed terminations. We offer over 1,200 unique routes and can customize them to fit your price and quality requirements.

In order to balance quality at the right price we are continuously on the lookout to increase our supplier base partnering with termination providers with stable routes who can match our quality standards. As we understand the cost of unutilized capacity we guarantee a 24 hour response time and mostly complete interconnection within days.


  • Unlimited ports and channels

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Robust support ticket system

  • Super-fast, low-latency server network

  • Experienced and dependable account managers