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PC 2 Phone

Since the PC to Phone VoIP product is the oldest and the easiest means of making VoIP calls, We couldn’t not introduce our very own PC-dialer FRINZO.

This product functions over a minimum bandwidth of 56kbps and has provision to pass calls via blocked ISP networks.

Providers can offer this product ideally for Resellers, Cyber Cafes, Home Users and anyone looking to have VoIP calling facility on their personal computers.

It is a high performance dialer which enables you to have your own customer base spanning across the globe.

Our PC2Phone software can be downloaded here: Download FRINZO.

Why PC-to-Phone?

  • Very easy and flexible to use by any customer

  • Works behind any internet provider including blocked ISPs and dialup connections

  • FRINZO softphone gives the provider’s brand a better image to end customers

  • No hassle for end customers – download, install, login & call