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COMdata’s All-in-one VoIP Solution Package

Our VoIP Reseller Program provides everything you need to sell VoIP, including mobile, PC dialers and software, 24×7 technical support, one-on-one account managements, and online tools to help manage customers and accounts.

Once you start using our flexible systems, you will be delighted by the most innovative, easy to use management tools, software, billing, invoicing and telecommunications business processes to handle all your international outbound calling needs. It is a simple one-stop source tools from us to you.

A. Low A to Z Rates:

We actively collaborate with over 200 carriers worldwide to secure the best, lowest VoIP rates in the market. Plus, our account managers will negotiate rate plans that fit your specific business needs, providing you the most flexibility when building customer VoIP plans for your customers.

B. Mobile & PC Dialers:

We provide you with a Free Mobile Dialer to iPhone and Android mobile, as well as PC dialer. Call from – or sell VoIP to – any cell phone in the world. Our high-quality dialers emulate each device’s native user interface, providing a seamless calling solution for your customers. For more info please visit: www.Frinzo.com

C. 24x7 Technical Support:

Chat with tech support 24×7 online, or submit a support ticket through your panel to escalate the issue. Our servers live in the cloud, maintain constant backups and failovers, and are distributed over three continents. That means your data and calls are safe, secure, and won’t go down.

A. Earn Recurring Revenue

Sell VoIP to your customers and earn recurring revenue as they return to your business to recharge their accounts, or top-up remotely. VoIP is a great way to encourage sales of other products as well: customers return to your business to add minutes, and buy other products in the process.

B. High-Quality Calls

Gone are the days of poor-quality VoIP calls. With a DSL, Edge, 3G, or 4G internet connection, you and your customers can make high-quality VoIP calls rivaling or exceeding the clarity and low-latency of traditional telephony service.

C. Distributed Server Network

Our servers are located worldwide, maintain constant geographically independent backups, and include automatic failovers to reroute dropped calls before your customers’ even notice.

D. No Up-Front Investment Cost

Pay only for the minutes you use – we provide all applications and services you need to start selling. If you require VoIP hardware, like ATA devices or IP phones, contact us and we can help you buy and ship them at the lowest wholesale rates.

E. 24×7 Technical Support

Chat with support 24×7 online, or submit a support ticket through your panel to escalate the service request. Most tickets are resolved within hours. And because of our distributed server network and expert full-time staff, our overall network and service quality is the best in the industry.

F. Many Ways to Pay

We have provided you with many ways of payments that best suit you such as Bank wire transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal or even locally (directly to our offices).

G. VoIP Market Growing Rapidly Worldwide

The VoIP market is expected to become a $40 billion global industry by 2015. More consumers worldwide are realizing the cost, quality, and feature benefits of using VoIP instead of traditional phones, meaning you’ll be entering a market poised for rapid expansion as customers switch from legacy systems to VoIP.